Maestro Muti and Katalin Gerő (4) - Copy

Maestro Riccardo Muti & Katalin Gerő

From a family of musicians and music lovers, the core of Katalin Gerő’s work is sculpting famous musicians.  Her sculptures have received much acclaim for the veracity of the depictions of the artists’ visages and—as a result of her in depth biographical study of the subjects—a sensitivity to the artists’ personalities which emanates from her depictions.   Katalin Gerő’s plaques and bronze busts are now on public display honoring musicians in many countries.

Katalin Gerő received her law degree at Eötvös Lórand University, Budapest and worked as an attorney-at-law in a prestigious Law Office until retirement.  Following her retirement, she renewed her art training, took sculpting classes, joined art clubs and went on creating bronze sculptures, focusing on subjects related classical music.  She was soon commissioned to create memorial reliefs and statues.

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Katalin Gerő before Franz Liszt

Katalin is also extensively involved in Rotary International, she is an active member of the Rotary Club Budapest-City. She is also a member of the Board of the Hungarian Haydn Society, Budapest and the Circle of Friends of Franz Liszt Music Academy – an organization that supports talented, young musicians.

Katalin Gerő’s main works in sculpting are bronze busts, reliefs and plaques depicting composers, musicians or public figures of musical life.

For the comemoration of the 125th anniversary of the Chicago Symphony Orchesra, Maestro Riccardo Muti commissioned a bronze bust of his famous predecessor as music director, Fritz Reiner.  The bust–unveiled on June 16, 2016– is on permanent display in the main lobby of the orchestra’s Symphony Center in Chicago.

6/14/16 12:48:36 PM -- Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Unveiling of the Fritz Reiner bust. © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Unveiling of the Fritz Reiner bust

Works on Permanent Public Display

Franz Liszt bust – Royal Park Lazienki, Warsaw, Poland (2011), Park Maniez, Beograd, Serbia (2011), Duna Palace, Budapest, Hungary (2013), School of Music, Cork, Ireland, (2014), Concert Hall of Gulangyu, Xiamen, China (2015)
Franz Liszt bust No2. – Franz Liszt Music School, Kaposvár, Hungary (2011),
Fritz Reiner bust – in the main lobby of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, United States of America (2016)
Joseph Haydn relief – Façade of the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2010)Fritz Reiner Bust at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Kálmán Strém Relief – Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest, Hungary (2006), Memorial Plaque – on his house of birth, Nagykanizsa, Hungary (2007), Bust – Medgyaszay Művelődési Ház, Nagykanizsa, Hungary, (2009),
Memorial Plaque Series for the Hungarian Musician Victims of the Holocaust, Holocust Memorial Center, Budapest, Hungary (2010).

ExhibitIons 2006 – 2016

Hungarian Contemporary Art Collective exhibition, Santa Crúz, Bolivia, (2007),

Ábrahámhegy, Köveskál, Sümeg, Újpest, Budafok, Opera House of Budapest, Kodály Memorial Center, Kecskemét (Hungary), Galánta, Érsekújvár (Slovakia)